Happy May the 4th Everyone!

It’s Star Wars Day! Happy May the Fourth! This is all about Star Wars and JWA! You can post collars between the two, or just talk about Star Wars if you want. May the 4th be with you all!


Luke Skywalker my fav

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I’ll be playing my Lego Star Wars saga tonight haha. I finished all 9 movies. Now I get to free roam :muscle::sunglasses::100: the Jurassic world version was amazing. I recommend it to anyone. If you look past the lego part, they’re really good games.

My favorite characters are Darth Maul, Thrawn, and Darth Bane. I’ve only listened to audiobooks of Thrawn I haven’t seen rebels. Looking forward to him in Ashoka. Darth babe trilogy is amazing too I recommend listening to them. It’s non canon but great.

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Oh the Darth Bane books are great
Also I think the scariest Star Wars aliens are the Yuuzhan Vong
I bet they would engineer some terrifying creatures out of dinosaurs

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Obi-Wan my fave Jedi and May the 4th be with you too!