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Happy Mother's Day Raid!

If there was a Mother’s Day strike event last year! I suggest to make an Mother’s Day Raid Boss! It’s making very fun and also really more reward? In the Covid age some family has split! Like the case of my neighbors! His both Son is now on Italy and getting “Lockdown”! His only way to appease them is Video chat and Playing Minecraft with them! I’m crying…MY MANL TEAR!!! oh sorry I’m a bit overboard! Anyway! The story i tell just mean game might be a well way to reconnect family that splited by Covid!
Here the Mother’s day Raid boss ideas:
tải xuống (28) tải xuống (25) tải xuống (27) tải xuống (26)
@Carnoraptor.troodon @Snake_Dude @Altithorax_Perotorum @Dinosaur_attack @Blacksaber @Cheeseeater @Apple @TheCobraEye @Jurassic_Fury @Ned


Wait didn’t you get this from toolbox server!?!

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It’s the same person

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Yep same one!

“Throwing the Sandals” 🩴 :joy: Love it!


I do understund you Mohammed_ Johnson. Its hard in these times… sometimes i have that too because you can’t do much… i really hope it will ends soon with thid covid-time… let’s hope that… anf i do really like your idea of the Mother’s day strike event and raid boss…


Hey wait that’s not Lady Dimitrescu…


Thank you for sharing your idea for a new event Raid with us, Mohammed_Johnson!


Had to do a double take.
This post made me think I had to scramble to get something this Sunday for Mom.


No problem!

Yes we always!

Ahh I see… I was like, not another idea steal :expressionless:.


This is a really good idea but the thing I am confused about is the suchomimus minion it has no escape you can’t swap out in raid

Just a special passive ability for Spinosauridae!

How do creature a raid in creature maker of Jurassic world alive toolbox

Go to creature maker, press load creature, pick the Dino, make the resistances, attacks, etc. And don’t forget to say Pyroraptor (example) Round 1, then that is Pyroraptor Round 1, if you want to make more rounds then just say Pyroraptor round 2, if you want another just say Pyroraptor Round 3 and so on.

I tried that but it didn’t work