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Happy New Year to me! (and everyone else, too)


So, from today’s epic strike tower I got enough T-Rex to get my Indo to L29. On top of that I got just enough ophiacodon to get my ankylocodon to L30. The best part is it has been so busy at work that I’ve made enough extra cash to buy the coins I needed to level them up!! Score.

I also love my L30 gorgosuchus. Actually enjoying the game a lot lately… win or lose. :slight_smile:


Congrats and Happy New Year!


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Happy new year from a fellow Gorgosuchus fan! Mine is at 25.5, can’t wait to level him up!

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Happy New Year! I was pretty excited to hit 5000 last night :grin: I hope my fusing luck today isn’t an indication of how the year is going to go. Congrats on your 30’s!!

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Happy new year!

I don’ know how to put in use lvl 21 Gorgo again. Really like to use it, but then RNG like to bless me with glassy squad Gorgo, Tryo, Utasino and Indo/Indominus. So I benched it for Trago.


Just an update… I won my first 4 battles in a row… and have lost all except for maybe 2 or 3 since then. Out of the top 500 (was at 109 at one point) and down several hundred trophies.

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Don’t feel alone! It’s rough the upper 4,000’s and above right now. Maybe it’ll ease off as players are starting to camp out.

GL to you and everyone else - hope you reach your goals!