Happy songkran festival day

Hi everyone happy songkran day (thai new year) guys
And I am back.So anyways bless everyone healthy and if you want to do anything I bless it will success bless everyone safety long live bless you will rich
And we are all throwing water at us in songkran making sand pagoda and listen to dharma
In this thai festival So Thailand never get colonized by westerners mafia.We will make overpowered thai Dinosaur and I will make it.

First our highlights

And there is another


I will make creatures later

Why is no one reply :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Happy songkran day! The creature profiles you made seem very cool, I wish I could see them in game.

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Maybe because you got your dates mixed up.

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It should be an update

Can someone remake my creature please

@Everyone help reply please