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Happy St Patrick’s Day to us. Srsly?


Happy St Patrick’s Day. Here’s a strike zone you can’t win no matter how many times you try.

I used wounds, I used armored dinos. I used stuns. I used cloaks/evasive stance, I spammed distraction, I used nullifying. No matter what I did I always barely got to trykosaurus…and then he’d one shot me everytime

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To be fair, this was the hardest strike we have seen and even some ranked players didn’t win the first or even second time. But they are giving us 5 unique dinos to dart. I say that’s a very good St. Patrick’s Day.


true, 5 unique attempts are worth 100 epic incubators for me :slight_smile:


Especially when the epic incs are full of Secondonto and Concav :joy:


true :smiley: 10 char


From what I’ve seen that incubator wasn’t anything special, the lower level tower I got way more useful dna from 6k velo alone. But I’d be happy without towers for a month just for the 700 tryko dna I got today, really happy with Ludia this week, awesome event!

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I got trounced. Utterly. I didn’t even bother with trying a second time.

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I am certainly not fine with 3 x 30 lvl towers (even though I was lucky enough to win this time), so I understand your frustration.

But then again, 5 unique attempts more than make up for it.


Sucks for you but it wasn’t impossible I beat it 3-1 first try no problem. Only used 2 dinos.