Happy suprise in an epic Incubator


I’m super stoked. I decided to buy a general epic incubator and got 14 legendary tragodistis DNA. I didn’t even realize you could get legendary fromepic incubators!


Congrats! Good luck is with you, try to fight as much as possibile if RNG also help you with crits and stuns!!


i do have one question has anyone reading this ever heard of a * golden epic incubator with a gold stripe running from top to bottom of the incubator * i fought a battle the other day and got as a reward for winning golden epic incubator with a gold stripe running from top left to bottom right of the incubator not the normal one which has a yellow dna spiral on the outside of it which i thought was really weird but when i opened it hoo boy … surprise, surprise… nearly 7,000 gold coins, 650 normal / common dna, 2,865 rare dna, 4,350 epic dna, plus a free dinosaur that i had not collected yet which as soon as i created it instantly went up to level 11 which was a surprise ( it was an epic forgot the name of it but that was one hell of an incubator to get for winning a battle thats for sure … oh almost forgot it actually took the incubator 24 hours to open so basically it was a waiting game to see what the heck was really inside it ) ! lol


That’s a regular Epic incubator


You should have screen shotted it because I’ve never heard of over 4k epic DNA from any incubator.


yeah ive never seen that much epic DNA in one either…


Pics or it didn’t happen


It never happened pics or no pics


I’ve got a small amount of legendary dna from a 24 hour battle incubator before.


Don’t think that’s possible my man, got same 24 hour incubator that u got, you get the same amount of epic DNA u would get in an epic incubator from the store. Either u made a typo with the number, or your lying.


Sure! I’ve already got 3!

You got shorted on yours!

Mine had 8000 epic and 800 legendary and 500 unique!


I remember I got a drop of pyritator just before they had it in a park event! I was stoked to get the pyritator unfortunately all I got was 30 in the 1 Attempt and like 20 in the incubator! It took a month and a half after that to finally get it and because of a lack of irritator it’s still low and unused at the moment


people can say whatever they want to but i know what came out of that incubator when i opened it… and the free epic dino i got from the incubator was the * Amargocephalus * weird name for a dino ? looks more like a damn walking porcupine than a dino but the color… yuk x 7 over … pink / purple possibly along its back which is full of spikes… gee’s guys ( tech wizards who designed this fugly mother ) could you have not picked a better color than that ?? but it has more in common with an Ankylosaurus considering the overall body shape lol :slight_smile: