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Happy Techies Day, Ludia and Fellow Family!

#NationalTechiesDay is today, October 3rd.

Thank you to all of you technicians out there! I can sort of imagine what our lives would be like without each of you… and it is not smooth. There are many career opportunities in the world. Thank you for chosing this one!
Today is your day and I hope you feel special in it!
(((Hugs))) :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


“National Techies Day on October 3rd encourages students to consider a career in technology. With so many opportunities in the growing technology field, students seeking a career in technology will find promising choices anywhere they look.”

If you’re a student: DON’T! You really do not want to be in this field! Run while you still can!!!
Depends on the person of course, but I seriously regret becoming a programmer :slight_smile:

For all the others who ignored the warning signs and ended up in the field: HUGS indeed


I laughed and I cried, @Tielenaar!
Extra hugs for you! :hugs: Thank you for contributing to our world.

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