Happy Thanksgiving to fellow Canadians


May you enjoy your delicious meals!


Hold on, you did what!?


did you…make that?


Yes she did she a great artist!!! And happy thanksgiving all.


yes, yes she is!

joyeuse action de grâces!


This…this is just amazing! Both in concept and execution. Very nice work! And happy belated thanksgiving to all the Canadians :slight_smile:


Incredible and looks delicious :joy:

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! :canada:


This looks amazing! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian players :smiley:!


What dinosaurs did she cook? Is that filet of T-Rex


Click / tap on the image to zoom.


What about the Americans? Are they gonna get a huge cake with a stego on it that says ‘eat up’? Because I could go for some cake right now.


I’m sorry, you’ll have to cook your own feast then hehe.


You know I failed cooking in high school!


Why did you delete it?


I’m disappointed :pensive:! No T-Rex filets! The best thing about T-Rex Filets is movement makes them juicer!