Happy to see fixes & new features! Some new ideas

First, I want to say there’s some great recent new features. I love that we have explore events – but this unfortunately becomes a bit disappointment with it’s tiny rewards & high renewal cost (which is unaffected by Book of Bravery).

Speaking of which, I’d be happy to see rewards (and difficulties and costs) for easier challenges rise as you level up. It’s too bad they become something you don’t even wish to check later. If after opening Lightfinger estate Sharpstone keep would be on par with Harvestshield mountain, it would be at least worth checking.

I love it that we can now get books from Challenges! Btw a new book type giving extra dice for challenges would be neat addition :smiley:

And I’m happy to see several bugs being fixed!

Rallies… I’m starting to dislike them all the time more. When there’s room full of portals and opponents the gameplay becomes very slow. And a several tough opponents is boring (especially with healers!). Please speed up portal & opponent actions, especially in Rallies, and use more dangerous opponents instead of tough! A turbo speed option to corner? Leave animations even more on the background instead of waiting for them to finish before proceeding to next phase.

I’d love to see being able to save & load custom equipment setups. I’ve realized so many times in a Battle, rally, raid or challenge that I have one or two critically wrong equipments, leading to very bad experience… It’s so easy to forget a piece of equipment. Seeing name of the set on each Hero on home screen would help too!

Edit: This was supposed to go to suggestions but the forum bugged…

Edit 2: Forgot to mention that I’m also big fan of new 2 for 1 pack formats in the store!


Lots of good ideas there.

Poison works great on portals.

I like the easy challenges. The grind is too much as it is to get daily rewards without also slowing down clears of the dungeons. For example, I’m skipping the gem quest in Lightfinger today which is unfortunately part of my main daily quest. I can only, maybe, do two bosses in there. The prospect of grinding four to seven runs to get just even odds of a gem reward is more time than I have today. We don’t all have the luxury of playing this game for many hours a day. For me I take the time I have and accomplish what I can.

Some pretty good ideas!

You mentioned extra dice for challenges, I actually had an idea about this too:

What if there was an option to spend gold or gems to re-roll reward dice? It would make the grind more bearable and less disappointing when you don’t get what you were hoping for, you can get another shot at rolling instead of having to run through a whole nother dungeon.

Yup, a bit more control over challenge rewards would be great, however it is done.

Earlier challenges should be easier, but not as much as they are now IMO. Rolling 16 and getting 15 gems sucks when you know you would have gotten 135. Some 67 (half) would be great for easier Challenge.

I’d personally prefer there to be more versatility to quest objectives, and different ways to fulfill them. Eg. obtain 10 Gems or obtain gems 4 times. You could get them from chests if you check in multiple times a day, possibly from FB posts, brawl reward, challenges… Or buying them if you’re lazy :smiley: