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Happy Trails


Here to recruit some laid back folks for my Alliance: Happy Trails. It’s an International Alliance and as an older MMO player I think meeting folks from all over is one of the best parts of such a game.

Just looking for anyone looking to be a part of something new and really just into collecting and evolving the cool dinos more than the pokem… I mean dino battles :wink:. That being said, Arenas are a facet of each player’s progress regardless and a fair source of DNA and Challenges help get that snippet of Rex DNA every other day or so.

No DNA or level requirements, I just ask for some activity throughout the week. I’m a fairly active player, but I can’t accomplish the Alliance Tasks solo :sweat_smile:.

Hit me up ingame, my tag is JABIII and I am leader of Happy Trails. Hope to hear from you and Happy Hunting!

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