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Happy Utasino got nerfed

So happy Utasino is getting nerfed and Utarinex buffed. Made no sense a legendary dino faires better in battle against the unique it created.

I am so sad well what dino i should replace utahsino


What do people say when you say that Pro shouldn’t be better than Monomimus?

Oh yeah, “rarity doesn’t matter”

Sucks the awesome looking Utasinoraptor is getting nerfed while it’s ugly hybrid gets better.


While I must agree because I like blue more then red. A dinos power should be based is rarity not looks lol.


Just buff Rinex. Utasino wasn’t even very good with all of the immunes running around.


It wasn’t good against the meta agreed. But if you were someone not overly boasting your team. A level 27 Utasino would be a level 30 Rinex due to speed.


Eh, sure. Not nerf-worthy though, not IMO.


Didn’t realize you were the judge on post worthiness. Even if your edited your post

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Not quite true if it was immune but had either low armour with kinda low health like monolorhino or just immune with no armour and high health like indominus( which is too powerful to be kept alive now with revenge cloak and it still having its ap rampage)

If you can try go for monolometrodon because that got a good buff

Okay I will try

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I can fuse it

Tbh I just think that utahsino shouldn’t have been nerfed but just that utarinex got buffed cause Utah was in a good state being a raptor even in a immune meta (or if your in low arenas the meta where you actually don’t play the game anymore being put all your boosts on indominus and you win every time if you get it)

Okay thanks

Indom is slow, and with all these resilient moves and shields being added, it’s not

Utasinoraptor is still on my team. Every now and then it comes in clutch for some wins. It’s a really good revenge kill on a dracoceratops swap in since it can one shot it.

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Utahsinoraptor didn’t deserve this. >:(


Pre immune meta,agreed wholeheartedly. The thing deserved to be strong,but good lord it was more than strong imo. Post immune meta,and with all the changes in 2.0…sorry,but I disagree

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However,I do think Rinex definitely deserved its buff

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No. I edited because I knew it was stupid to say. I’m not the judge, I realized that.