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Happy with what this game’s become?

“Happy anniversary” I got in my mailbox.
Well that was nice after being banned for several times on this forum.
Playing the game since start minus 1 month and entering library today only facing lvl 30 teams boosted till their teeth. Getting laughed and yawned at…
I’m wondering… do you even play this game?
Have you been to aviary and up with levelled teams?
If you didn’t… try it. Just to entertain us. Build a normal team, battle up to aviary and be sure to stick around till seasonal reset. Then, by all means, indulge us with your findings…
I’ll stay quiet… and await your response… Promise


ive already been in aviary since November. I HATE IT. It is the sole reason why i am tempted to just level my eddie to 30 and just wreck face.


Yep, I’m having a pretty good time. I play daily and enjoy what I do in the game. If I didn’t, I would simply quit, but I do :+1:


So far so good.
Library is pretty much all L28+ at this point and Aviary will follow.
For people not running Incs 24/7 Lockwood Estate will be the new Aviary.
You will get forced down as people pass you up so it’s totally normal to take a break for abit, come back, and get slaughtered.
Acheesements were fun, but well… nothing lasts forever.
After this weekend when I unlock the 10 DHs on an epic it will soon be over for all the quick to get acheesements.
After that it will be back to business as usual.


Happy cake day, I’m in aviary too. So far, I do ok cuz I have a level 26 indom Max boosted and a level 23 magna which make it so I can get to mid aviary but not above


You realise I addressed Ludia … right? :thinking::joy:

Someone say cheese?


Why would you do that? Ludia doesn’t look at this forum…

Well,like you
After all those ban,i’m almost done with this game.
I play it for 5 min, doing the treasure chest on sunday,epic on week end and incubators of weekly schedules.
I think i do it in the expectation to see it become like it was before 1.6 but it seem the game was dead since 1.7 so…


happy cake day!
Yeah I have also been stuck in aviary for months, very frustrating at times


Clumsy but understandable, the game that was is not what it is and not what it could’ve been. It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating, the joy of this game is seeing something new on the horizon and realizing it will improve your arena team or take you 1 step closer to the hybrid you’ve got your eyes set on but that aspect of the game is short lived and honestly this forum is to blame. The constant requests for things to be easier, more coins and DNA have made the best parts of it all fleeting. Sometimes immediate gratification leads to long term disappointment.

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Oh and as some people said before,
Ludia won’t look at you since they don’t go on the forum,
And the moderators will not pass the information on to them, if that can save you any frustration.
Happy anniversary ,anyway


I just got out of Aviary on my alt for the first time after being there for over a year!

First match up I narrowly lost 2-3 and dropped to Aviary again, and the very next match up a team of fully boosted level 30 uniques including a Tenontorex with 8000 health and a rampage of 5800 wipes the floor with my team of level 23 - 26 medium boosted dinos.

When will Ludia realise how the current way they allow for this to happen will destroy the pvp aspect of this game?

I have yet to see any response whatsoever from Ludia about droppers, and whether they will look at locking players in arenas they should be in.

As it is, Ludia actually encourage it with a reset every month that puts fully boosted teams that are more at home in Shores with teams that are lucky to be in Library and reward them with easy to farm incubators!


ludia wouldn’t act until everyone uninstalled the game … not before. they just don’t care.

Unless it’s a dollar cheat or similar…then that would be fixed immediately … pathetic :neutral_face:


There’s always Ned…

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Ned really is the unsung hero of this place. LOL


I’m very happy yes. Despite its flaws (lag, chat, other bugs!) I enjoy it and I am having a great time trying to accomplish many of the somewhat nearly impossible achievements they just added.
I should be done with 99% of achievements somewhere near January 2022 :wink: So until then I’m good.
To make it perfect, I’d love a Dodo in my team. But I can dream.

Play your own game. If you don’t like it or some aspects of it, don’t do it.


Ah “my way or high way” philosophy… that only works In theory though… not for any profit based company :wink:

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