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Happy World Dream Day

Happy World Dream Day

What dinosaur/creature do you dream of getting a buff in JWA?

Let us know.

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I am going to guess based off of earlier today, that some of you are going to say this gal.


I love the look of this guy, but I can’t figure out what it’s purpose is. Used it in campaign missions but it didn’t do too much for me. Really wish it was a better bleeder type dino.
Thanks for the 11 cash tho!

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Probably a bit controversial, but smilonemys. It did just get nerfed, but it was too much. If it was meant to be a DC counter, its base attack needs to be 1500. Leave hp as it stands now, but buff attack back to what it was originally.

Go turtle cat. :turtle::cat2:


She looks so pretty
Thanks for posting this

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You took the words right out of my mouth

Spinotasuchus needs a buff. The crit nerf hit it hard. It has no surviveability and its the only super hybrid/legendary that has a basic strike as its first move.


I don’t use it but… Tuoramoloch. People want it buffed.


It’s actually quite powerful though. That’s the thing.
At least in my eyes. Its a solid unique

I will replace hers/hes sidestep with long dodge.


That the spinosaurus gains the ability, Swap in Terror: reduces the damage of the target by 50% and makes it vulnerable for two turns, it is worth dreaming, right ?.

Thanks for the 11.

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Nerfing smilo was the most horrible idea…it almost cause me to quit cause I worked so hard with so much money only for it to die after first hit…many times I don’t even get a hit I’m with it…thanks ludia