Hard cap on darting DNA? incl. video


Hi all,
As I was darting ankylos for this week’s event, I noticed the darting mini game simply stopped while I could get 1 more shot in timewise.
I had like 2 seconds left but didnt think much of it until it happened again, so I recorded my screen to show you.
This time I had 1 sec left and the drone became uncontrollable and the dart circle disappeared as before and I got 240 DNA again, even though I threw 261 as you can see in the video.

Besides dino’s escaping, there is also a hard cap on what you can throw?


You are too accurate, that’s why. Ludia thinks you have a drone capable of automated dart targeting system. That’s why they screwed up your targeting system using a multi-frequency jammer. Sooner or later Ludia’s gonna shoot down your drone with their anti-drone surface-to-air missile system unless you stealth it.


Ah, I was affraid of that being the case…
I guess I’ll install anti-drone-missile-anti-missiles, that will teach them!


Could I perhaps interest you in some ADMAM? Cheap cheap. Made in China. Buy 2 Free 1.
Oops! Forgot about mentioning the warranty period. It has been extended from 1 day to 2 days.


You triggered a double tap firing. (really fast consecutive shots) It bugs out your cross hairs for rest of encounter have had it happen a few times


Guess this is your first time encountering it. The hard cap is 15 x direct hit amount (based off level/rarity) and you need the extended battery from VIP to fire 15 shots. Once you get the hang of it, some commons are pretty easy to achieve that amount.


no… then I’d still get 261 DNA and it wouldnt happen évery time above 240.


I hit 13 shots, and not all were direct.


Swing and a miss. 202020


Maybe you can’t go over one byte (255). :slight_smile:
I’m not that good of a shot so don’t know how much dna a person can get chasing a dino.


no, it really stops after exact 240 dna and rounds it down


Again it may be a limit to keep it from going over one byte. I didn’t write the code but depending on the way they chose to use memory if the dna collected during a chase was defined to a byte then anything over a byte would cause an overflow error which more than likely would cause a crash. So a limit is set so the number does not exceed the memory location.

Or it could also be a cap to prevent people that use autotargeting programs from raking in hundreds upon hundreds of dna while skipping a mechanic of the game which could be considered cheating. Although I’m sure there are some people who are very quick and excellent shots that can meet or exceed that amount nearly everytime.


Everyone keeps saying they have tanks! Can’t they use the tanks to blow up ludia anti drone launchers?


I dont believe so, cause I dont get the cap on rares and commons.
And how would 1 byte give a cap of 240?


I didn’t code this game but have written code in the past. The coder defines variables and the types of data the variable can hold. So variables can be defined as Strings, Boolean, Byte, Integer, Double Integer, to name a few. Each data type has parameters that can not be exceeded and if they are it can cause the program to do unpredictable things or even crash. So coders write routines into the code to prevent data types from exceeding their parameters. So if xyz is defined as a Byte the coder can set the limits by telling the program something like “if xyz > 240 then xyz = 240” so that xyz never exceeds 240. The coder can set the number wherever they want as long as it doesn’t exceed 255. This is a crude and quick explanation.

But I really think the dna collection has a cap as an anti-cheat method. Even an excellent shot can only collect a finite amount of dna within the time limit they have to shoot.


Thank you for the explanation ^^
however, since throwing 250+ on common and rares is easy it is determined at 240, or the rest would suffer too.


A very logical explanation that makes a lot of sense. Thank you.


No, it’s not correct ^^


Reached level 15 hence every dart is now 25 dna. Went after stego and hit it 10 times bullseye. I got 250. So it didn’t cap it at 240. No idea why it is happening to you though


Anybody else not able to see the video he posted?