Hard stuck at 3500, looking for advice


Hi all,

I got stegodeus recently and shot from 3.1k to 3.5k. Now I’m stuck lol. Any tips?


I think your current team is actually pretty solid. It’s a well rounded crew, they just need a protein shake to level up. If anything, switch out the postdimetrodon for either your pyroraptor or secodontosaur. Post is great for its immunity and defense shattering but it’s attack is on the low side for this level. Pyro is one of the fastest and has pounce & impact. Your seco has immunity also and defense shattering with a decent attack. Try out either and see if you have better luck.
I’ve have a postimetrodon too but it’s only become a more useful player at a higher level… just my 2 cents


Def get that Pyroraptor or Velociraptor in there somehow. You need something fast that hits hard. They got nerfed, but are still decent.


I think your going to be stuck in the 3.1 to 3.5 K range for a while till you get those up a few levels and add another legendary or two. Your getting into the place where the cost of leveling is going to be more than you can afford. Your going to start running into people stuck in this range because it takes longer to get legendary’s and level them and earn coins to level them. This is my team and my current there about range I am in. I’m not huge on the battling. I spend more time outside battling to keep this god awful app working.


I got the same team and was stuck there for weeks. Swapping out my raptors for tanks helped in the current meta and only after slowly grinding an extra level from my hybrid dinos did I manage to get a little higher. Currently sit 3800 - 3950 trophies. F2p


Awesome thank you all!!


@wrothgar, I’m stuck there right with u. It sucks, especially when they match u up with ppl way higher than u.


i am alson stuck right around 3400 and no matter what i do its like the game itself is against me…just gotta keep leveling up and fusing more legendaries :t_rex::t_rex:


You need stronger dinos to hit Jurassic Ruins. Additionally, were you battling at around the same time everyday? Then you are almost meeting the same players everytime. Try changing the time you are battling.


I battle at various set times. I do notice lunch it’s much harder, evenings 50/50 and mornings seem much easier. I’m in Australia so not sure how the matches work with other players location.


@Joe_Ng - what he said; time of day definitely makes a difference - there are some times I avoid but as a general rule of thumb if I get annihilated two battles in a row I give up and try again later when the matching may be kinder. Keeps me around the 3700 - 3900 range and working on the legendaries - four now (2 in my team) with Stegodeus up to 19 now.


Maximo: You gotts better team than me. You should be past sorna by now.


To OP: you need a legendary to get past 3500. once you do, you’ll be able to move past. At least if you have decent skill. I did.


Im stuck either :roll_eyes: my best was 36** but then i found way too powerful dinos

My team atm any advice will be apreciated

Other dinos


This is what you need to stay in Jurassic Ruins.

Even with this lot, I have lost 5-6 atraight battles at times.


Maybe try putting Suchotator and these in. Depends what dinos you commonly face then use the appropriate counters.


I love my nodossaurus he hits very hard :roll_eyes: is hybrid is way better but looks terryble
Majundasuchus needs a hp buff he cant do much atm all rares/epics counter atack dinos need some love from devs i think
Thanks for the advice i will try it


They need more arenas, 500 points apart.
I’m ready to start losing battles just for a change in incubators. Same dino’s in the wild everyday. zzzzzzzz yawn :roll_eyes:


Got it:

Thanks to all the advice here. Really focused hard in leveling my team this week:


This is a really well balanced team, nice work! With current trends, I think this should keep you around 3800-4100 if used tactically. I couldn’t break 4200 until I leveled my guys above 17-18 and added another legendary or two.