Hard time ditching Anky


Even with his recent “bug fix” I’m having hard time justifying replacing him on my team. He’s not a hard hitter but he’s got almost the complete package (armor, shield, slowdown, immunity, higher crit) and is very pesky for any opponent. Was a nice hard-counter to Trex before but oh well. Level up to 20 but no more? I’ll be in sorna marshes forever btw.


Use what you are comfortable with, having lots of experience fighting with the same creature counts for much. Moving to a new type and getting the most out of it takes some time. But most people ditch Anky around the time the make it to the marshes. There are other better tanks around.

Also Anky fuses with Kentro’s and Raja’s at Lvl 15 so in the future you may wish you hadn’t used all that dna, especially if they have a migration and Anky’s disappear from your area.


I think they mean Ankylocodon, hence the mention of the recent “bug fix”.


Mine is at 17, about to reach 18. The little cockroach can still put the hurt on opponents, despite the nerf. You just need to remember to swap out whenever the opponent brings in a shield breaker.


I recently fought a Lv15 Anky and good lord was that Immunity annoying. I stopped levelling mine at 13 but there appears to be a bit of bite left in the little guy yet.


Lol how in the world can ankly counter Rex?? Rex is hard counter for ankly. Can 1 shot 1/3 of times regardless of shield???


Before the bug fix, T.rex couldn’t break Anky’s shield because of immunity. That has since changed


I’ve got mine to 20, highest level dino on my team. Love it to bits.
If you’re stuck in the marshes, I’m there with you. Been here since July. Maybe we’ve battled each other.


The newest rex counter seems to be Stegoceratops or Stygimoloch. Both of them can really hurt a rex with their high % for putting it in stunlock.


I use it a lot. Well not recently since I’ve been using the epic birds. I just happened to find an anky yesterday tho.


Rex counter is any raptor lvled to equal lvl since beginning of game Nerf did not change this. Rex has 1/3 chance to one shot para/stegocera whereas against raptor 1 shoting is blocked by pounce


allisinosaurus would own a trex.


That definitely works too!