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Hard to Decide What to Play

My ever growing team is now 139 creatures. It makes it difficult to decide what to play. Well, except when I get new creatures to try out.

This was my team tonight. It was sub-par but I did win against a real person who yawned at me cause of my new turtle was dragging the game on.

One match I got all 4 turtles picked and used them all even though I lost. Inost was just not a good swap-in as it gets one-shotted upon entry. Being fast, it is a decent revenger.

My Team 20200922

Alloraptor can do better against maxima

The biggest problem I see is that you have to many tanks. Or resilient creatures. While they only have one weakness (chompers or force creatures) that weakness is tavern fatal. I’d recommend some speedsters and chompers to balance your team. For chompers id reccomend tenontorex and tryko. For speedsters you can choose between erlidom erlikospyx quetzerion or magna. Pho is also pretty good but could get nerfed and get a hybrid. Gemini is also one of the best creatures atm. And trystonix could be good though id reccomend magna over tryo

I’m actually working though playing every single one of my creatures. I stopped for today to try out the two new ones I got to team level for fun. I have 30 creatures left that haven’t been in battle. Then I’ll start putting some winning teams together. I’m down 400 trophy’s and playing teams that are around my random teams strengths. I’m settling to my new lower spot in the pecking order.

My team’s have a mix of all rarities which has them quite weak yet sometime surprise me when I win with them occasionally. I’m down where I get the pity AI’s so I can at least get an incubator every 3rd battle at worst. I’ll throw a good team together for the AI so I can get back to the merciless real players.