Hard to reach 5000


whenever i reach 4950 or above, the system will send out hackers with multi-high-level uniques to block…let me introduces their “honor” teams:

1st one: 28 indoraptor, 28 trykosaurus, 26 erlidominus, 27 diorajasaur, 27 utasinoraptor, 26 monostegotops, 25 stegodeus, 27 Spinotasuchus

2nd one: 28 indoraptor, 28 trykosaurus, 26 erlidominus, 26 monostegotops, 28 stegodeus, 27 utasinoraptor, 27 pyroraptor, 26 indominus

3rd 27 indoraptor, 29 trykosaurus, 29 erlidominus, 26 stegodeus, 26 utasinoraptor, 26 diorajasaur, 27 utahrinex, 25 diloranosaurus

these 3 are all 5000 senior hackers!

however, some other hackers with 4-5 uniques of lower levels, still beatened by me, i think this is because of difference in skills and experience. on the other hand, among recent opponents, hackers account for more than 60%-70% for battles above 4500 points! according to my observation, these stats mean that normal players (who pay affordable amount for this game) are not possible to reach 4700 or above.

a single bite by 29 tryko is almost 5000 hp…can you imagine how your poor dino will be?..very cruel…


You are now facing legit people, so i don’t see the problem


most of them are not…


Yeah, I recognize some of those names. I’ve hit 5000 trophies before but haven’t gotten back up to it since. I keep getting close and then the level 29s come stomping through for a few rounds. It’s stupid that we have to battle them and especially stupid that we lose trophies to them. I can’t believe that Ludia was able to identify and briefly ban them, and then allows them to continue their BS. Their accounts should be wiped out. No mercy.


just don’t know why they are always online…i tried different hours of the day…and still meet them…



I don’t know how they even have fun playing like that. The best battles I’ve had were the ones that came down to the last hit, win or lose. There’s someone in the forum that I face every once in a while and we always have very close battles that are a lot of fun. I would be so boring to max out the dinos and go on a rampage. I mean, one day I’ll have some level 30s but I don’t need them right away.


There are more spoofers griefing right now. It’s 10x more difficult to reach 5000 now than a month ago before the announcements. Props to those who got 5000 the last two weeks.

Good luck! May all your stuns and crits land on them.


Thats why i dont battle since 3 weeks now, everybody must do the same, perhaps ludia listen legit player then


among recent opponents, percentage of normal players has declined to below 50%