Hard working alliance climbing to the top has 2 vacant slots for new members

Hello. I am the leader of KillerRaptors .
I am looking for different potential members here. Apply only if you play the game more than an average person would.

  • Strong battlers with a high trophy count. To take tournaments by storm and get you recognition for all your wins. Spar with my other members.

  • Someone interested in helping me run the KillerRaptors discord and blog or other projects. Trophy count not important for this one. If you want to be a writer or if you have some skills in using youtube you could help us out a lot. All of these traits do not apply to one person I am looking for. They are just suggestions of other ways you can help besides being strong in the game.!

  • For other leaders reading this, if you are interested in becoming friendly allies with my alliance message me. We can hold fun events to battle each other’s alliances. Or I can help boost your member count.

All of my alliance members are required to use discord. You can download the app or use the site for it on the computer. Our alliance(s) has over 100 members and 150+ active people participating on our discord community. There is a lot to do on there and you can come check it out without joining the alliance. Friend request me at professorkp#9556 to join that page.

We always have fun activities and events we are holding. They are not all about battling. April is looking to have trivia or drawing contests in there. Everyone gets a fair shot to win.
When the alliance rush or other important events come back you bet we are going to be #1!
Our goal is to be the most famous and the most fun alliance.

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Hey i had already requested to join your alliance. i am really good at writing and would love to help out with a blog or a youtube channel regularly. This alliance sounds really fun to be a part of. please consider me for the opportunity to be a very active member for the killerraptors. i would be honored to be a part of a team as good as this one.
my user name on jw alive is SOBIZ.


Hello. Thanks for messaging me. Join my discord listed on my alliance description. My alliance is full but we can talk and see about adding you to the 2nd branch or inviting you to trade time right now in 20 minutes

I’m not an Alliance member, but I can vouch for the friendly and active Discord community they have established! :blush:

Thank you for responding. i am not familiar with discord. this is the 1st for me ever hearing about it, but i am going to download it right now and figure it out. Looking forward to this.
Thanks again.