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Hardcore member, looking for an Hardcore team


Hello,i am actually 3850 trophy but i am the ONLY one working hard for the alliance mission and i am tired!
So i would like to see a VERY active team with VERY active member and where even if you ask for Charlie,you would at least get one!
Thank you in advance for your Considering!


My alliance is always welcome to new members and we are pretty active. :slight_smile:

@Tori_baugh is our Alliance Leader.


Why not asta,please tell me which rank are you at alliance mission?
I see you are 14 with 2 inactives
I would like 4th least to both steps so i can help and join


Hi Shining. If you decide not to join the lovely alliance HeWasNumber1, on Monday I’ll be removing a few inactive members and you are welcome to join, Michigan Monsters. I took over leadership just a bit ago so I am still cleaning up our membership but we are always at 50.

We are rank 4 for exploration and 3 for defence though we aren’t giving defence our all since the DNA isn’t great. I am in the process of getting the members to use discord so this is a good time to join as you can help shape an active alliance. All new members will need to use discord so if you’re interested message me Steph#2626


I darted until I wondered if I could dart anymore.
Thankful for a break today after making it to 5 :grinning:


rank 4 and 3 are acceptable since this is were i carry almost my team (i did 1,3/3 of the job on 50 member really),my speciality is exploration but if there is need to do fight,for sure,i can help aswell


Dank Bank has room for 3-5 players. Currently removing inactives. We have achieved 3rd tier incubators for both challenges this week. Just send invitation request


That is great to hear, I feel like I’ve been darting non-stop. We have a member who may give you a run for your money because s/he is a darting machine. We have a nice spread of who wins tasks so the work is spread out.


I know how you feel. My poor thumb.


then its ok,when the alliance mission will be over,i join you!

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It seems I’m late to the party yet again. My alliance has made it to rank 3 and rank 2 incubators. This alliance missions helped me pin point some not so active players. I just kicked 2 people I know 100% are inactive and will be kicking more Monday. I know a bigger alliance is more tempting but we’d appreciate it if you would still consider us n help us build on what we have.


We’ve completed exploration missions two days ago and currently defence rank5 is in progress which quite difficult cuz of 4000 battle mission. Couple of members are inactive (zero trophies) and if they don’t show up in next 1-2 days they’ll be kicked out. So if you’re still interested then message me. Btw our alliance is " Lords of Jurassic World"


Looking for active alliance as well. Would like lvl 4 rewards progression. Helped last 2 get to lvl 3 but we only had maybe 20 active. Senoj #1480

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Sending you a PM with discord link.


Timmy What is it is looking for high active level members.


More than welcome to join DADDY ISSUES


Hardcore Daddy Issues ?? :thinking: :grin: