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Hardest choice to make (which Dino to create)

I was talking about Kaprosuchus DNA and whether to use it to ultimately make Spinotasuchus / Gorgeousaurus or Megalosuchus and it got me thinking what’s the hardest decision you have had to make. Monosteg vs Monomin or Posti vs Tryostronix or what to do with epic ankylosaurus DNA (make a better legendary or a better unique for when your ready to retire) even the sinosceratops hybrids.
What was the hardest choice you had to make?
Which do you regret? I hate making these choices and then your choice is nerfed or the alternative is buffed.
I remember ignoring sinoceratops and choosing the other epic during the special event because the hybrids where not great and then they both got a buff :confused:

My goal is to create all dinos, arena just for incubators, not rating.

I can suggest you to focus on what you are able to upgrade better. So for example I want in my team a creature with DoT but I am not able to create now Spinotasuco cause I can’t hunt many caprosuco at night (still lev 11), plus I live in local zone 4 and I can hunt lots of Sucomino’s DNA, so my Sucotator is currently in my team and she is lev 20 :heart:

Gorgo will help a great deal in battles.

Posti bs try is the main one im debating… i want try but im not a fan of rtc… so i may just level my posti.

Last armor event i tried to get ankly but ended up nabbing more sino due to availability… so glad things worked out that way… ankly still level 13 and i have a utahsino now.

I think a lot of it the decision making is going to come down to this - what do you see regularly that will give you a chance to not only create a hybrid, but continue to level it up. Ie, in my particular area of hunting, I come across a lot of Gorgosaurus, Kaprosuchus, and Megalosaurus…so making Megalosuchus wasn’t a hard decision for me, with other tank busters available I can level.

And consider not just hybrids, but the potential super-hybrids as well. If you create Trystronix, are you somewhere you find all three dinos needed to level regularly? Or just enough to keep making Postimetron? Do you find enough Mono to worry about even making either of its hybrids?

Can’t just worry about the future either when it comes to what you create. Unless its close to a major update…but otherwise, go with what will help you in the here and now. Right or wrong, for better or worse, making the choice is generally a lot better than doing nothing at all.


The challenge is you can’t ever predict what they buff or nerf but safest ones to level are typically the movie stars of the franchise or the good dinos (for example: Ankyntrosaurus) that don’t get used in arena often due to their scarcity so people are less likely to complain about those and ask for nerfs. The downside of that, however, is that you will have a tough time finding DNA’s to level them for yourself as well. The tough choice for me recently had been deciding where to allocate my Ankylosaurus and TRex DNA (Rajakylosaurus, Diorajasaur, Trykosaurus) but that’s coming from both a completionist and utility perspective. So, i think in the end it really comes down to what is your priority, the rest are peripherals that you can’t control

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