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Hardest dino to dart!

spino gen 2 is toughhhhh to dart it looks like hes dancing around the whole time…lol


Just about to say the spino gen 2 or the nodopatosaurus :grimacing:


Ohh Nodapatosaurus for sure!!
That guys a sneaky little bugger


In my opinion any epic is a pain I’m lucky if I get anything over 80/90

Nodopatosaurus for sure… It’s hard when it’s down to head/tail/head/tail :sweat_smile:


Exactly! You could even say it’s a toss up :slight_smile:

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Nodopatosaurus a VERY close second. I’ve found that, in my experience at least, Nodo at least doesn’t sprint for the fence!

That’s really the only difference I’ve seen between these two. They both love to swing wildly but making a beeline for the out-of-bounds mark makes T-Rex my most hated/difficult dino to dart. I average about 60 DNA per. :frowning:


Correction: was thinking nodosaurus… Much easier than nodopasaurus

My nemesis are: kentrosaurus (always head to tail) and the ones that was odd wabble pace walks like T-Rex/Tarbo


Pyroraptor or spinotahraptor.

Anything large and slow moving seems bad, having to zoom back and forth between head and tail. Quicker dinos you can let the tail catch up to you current position (if it is going the correct direction still) or at least chasing something fast it is easier not to badly overshoot.

Of the commons, parasaurolophus. Epics, T-rex because it always escapes. None of the rares are too difficult.


Nodoptosaurus and TRex are the two that I have experienced to be the hardest.

Also anything with a long waggling tail gets a :fu: from me! :laughing:


Paras are difficult to hit, Rex is hard to get good aim on, nodo is pretty difficult as well.

I would like to amend mine… The hardest to hit are the ones you can’t even select to launch! Stupid strike event blocking much needed Ouro epic DNA I need…

They’ve changed para. Miles easier now :raised_hands:t2:

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Hardest for me by far is baryonyx. Tiny little tail hit box which moves from side to side whenever it’s running.

i hate that soooo much

I have problems with T-Rex.

Dsungaripterus. Hitting those tiny feet. Yeesh. I know it’s a slow flier, but it has a turn radius that would make an F-22 jealous.

Whenever the bullseye is at the very tip of a wagging tail… while running.