Hardest Epics to find?

Title explains it all. Mines Rajasaurus.

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Swimming in Raja. It’ll kill ya to hear this, but I often ignore them.

Erlik is my rarest. I see one every six weeks.

Kentro, though… spawns at my house. I know, lucky.

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Erlik, spawns near me pretty often. I got a good amount of it too.

And yes, that does kill me.

The Golden Chicken is hardest for me too.


Erlik is rare enough that I didn’t unlock it until January. Not Erlidom, Erlik. And, by the time I unlocked Erlidom, my average team level was 24-25, so I didn’t level it.

I’ll be able to unlock Erlidom soon, just need a few hundred more Erlik DNA.

I think Rajasaurus, Pyroraptor, Ouranosaurus, and Monolophosaurus are the hardest. Monolophosaurus and Ouranosaurus are playing the “hide and never find me” game. I actually can’t remember the last time I saw a Monolophosaurus. :thinking:


I saw a Monolophosaur once while in a car and I wanted to get it but we weren’t heading that way so I had to say goodbye. Quite a few epics are hard for me to get but Raja is just the hardest. I only managed to get him up to almost 15, like 10 away from it, by doing an event that had him and a few others but of course I went only for him.

But, in general, I agree with what you said, those are the hardest ones to find and they really hold me back concerning hybrids. Like I would already have quite few legendary and maybe even unique hybrids if it weren’t for them not being here.

There have been several times where I am riding as a passenger in a car and I see a badly needed epic creature that is out of range and sadly watch it disappear. :pensive:

Happens quite often with Rex for me. I don’t feel too bad because they pop up often but it’s still Rexy so it hurts either way.

It’s funny. I have a lot of Rexy DNA, but I still will go out and dart regardless if I need it or not. Lol :rofl:

I still get very excited when I see Rexy. It reminds me of the day when I first unlocked her. :blush::t_rex:

Makes me wish they allowed epic DNA trades. You don’t need that 1000 something Erlik DNA? Hand some over to me.

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I agree. Those four more Erliko.

If I had to choose only one, now would be the rajasauro.I have been searching for a single rajasauro since the beginning of the month, I spend the weekends in the raja zone, every day I spend half an hour in the raja zone, I opened an epic capsule in the raja area … … and 0 raja.

I want the Raja, NEED the Raja, but alas, no Raja.

Not seeing a lot of mono lately, even though I live in L3. Maybe 1 in the last month.
My biggest shortage has always been Ourano. 2 months ago I got a job in L2, saw it twice, and then they moved it to L4. Great.

Kentro & Grypo (& Diplo #freediplo!)


And of course Diplodocus, that’s probably officially the most rare.