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Hardest uniques to level

I am finding it very difficult to level up my 2 uniques (Smilonemys and Trykosaurus). They both have 3 epics which are not easy to get. Especially for smilo.

I have not started on gemini but I know that one is also tough to level up.

My smilo is only lvl 24 and Tryko just reached 25 cos of the Kentros over the weekend.

Anybody else feeling the pain of levelling up your uniques like smilo and Tryko?

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yep. lots of low numbers with limited epic dna.

It’s rough. I’ve basically given up on leveling my Gemini. It’ll probably be nerfed by the time I can use it anyway.

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Nemys and tryko aren’t as hard as Gemini.

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Just leveled up my Tryko from 22 to 24. Took forever stock piling the DNA for the 20 fuse

One word. Geminititan.


Monolorhino, trykosaurus, Magnapyritor, and Utarinex are just sooo hard

Magna, Tryko, and Gemini are my hardest ones to level.

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Erlikospyx, magna, gemini.

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I don’t think I need to say more…


Tryko is nuts as Anky don’t exist at all. When Anky was on event I needed Trex more.

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Magna and Gemini. And recently Spinoconstrictor, but it’s not a very good unique to use.
Everything else if farmable i believe. Even Smilonemys. Just pop scents in parks and you’re good to go.

Gemini is my major pain. I don’t fuse for Smilonemys or Tryko, but that Gemini … 10s! Only one time got a 50 and a 40. At least Nemys has turtles in the park, and Kentro is all over L4, and Rex pops up every now and then + given like candy in events. Diplodocus, I’m lucky if it’s in an event, and sanctuaries give 7 DNA at most from it.

Constrictor, Rhino, Magna, Gemini

Geminititan because diplodocus is rarely seen outside of the sanctuary.

Magna because you get so many fuses of 10 on both the legendary and unique.

All the ones that need DNA from dino that normally do not spawn in the wild. It’s that simple. Either wait for Ludia to give us an event, FIPS like crazy, or ask your teammates to give you some (rare).
Here’s the one I’m struggling with:
Baryonix: Erlikospyx
Diplodocus: Geminititan
Irritator: Magnapyritor

Sure enough, I could add Smilonemys to the list because for me, that turtle literally never spawn in the wild either :wink:

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Any kind of exclusive is a big pain, so spyx, magna, constrictor with gemini being on a different category altogether.

Yeah, I went turtle hunting last week to see if I could get Nemys to team level. Then I realized I had to catch like two hundred turtles, and even if I had unlimited turtle DNA, I need way more Pachy and coins. Managed to get three levels on Gemini from Sanctuary after her buff and now Arambourg is running out. I’m bankrupt on Anky and Irritator. I haven’t leveled my Spyx since the Friday the 13th event. GG

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I managed to level my turtle-cat to 25. Due to the alliance mission rewards from yesterday.

Wonder how long it will take to move to lvl 26.:roll_eyes:

Turtles come to me. I want more turtles lol. I have lvl 25 nemys, lvl 20 carbotops with enough dna to unlock its unique saved up, and… this!

Screenshot_20200225-005025_JW Alive

I want more turtles. I’m actually very bored this week without it spawning. I miss the turtle being global pursuit. Not much motive to do hunting without it. And I feel carbotops will get a hybrid. Can we get carbonemys out of park day at least make it night also. People work during the day.

Nemys can go on the list as decently tough between carbo and pachy. I don’t think I want to level mine any higher. I like the turtle more lol.

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