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Wy the game is to hard for grow on free account?, this app make you spend a lot of money to make your game better and more easy, guys this Game is really awesome but the people like me (don’t spend real money) is hard and additional the level of rewards every 3 hours in regular account is stuck y LV2 so is very difficult. I have a oh most lv 7 account and for the past 3 days waiting the rewards chest and selling my common stuff that is painfully. I hope you fixes this issues the game. I play every day spend at lease 5 or 6 hours a day so please do something with the people who like play on free.

Best regards !

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If you don’t want to send any $$ do the TapJoy reward and buy 100k worth of Gold: then just grind away, if needed look out for Durnan and buy any gear that has a good bonus

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Tapjoy offers are mostly unavailable to apple users and I wouldn’t recommend using such an untrustworthy company as Tapjoy anyways.

If you’re getting 5 or 6 hours of playtime a day you’re doing great. I don’t think it’s intended to be played non-stop all day.

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Thanks but were i find the (Joy)?

I used tapjoy (I’m on android it’s under Free gems where the store is) for about 4k gems and was rewarded every time except once and that one time was because I already got rewarded for that game but a different milestone. I’ve never had a problem with them, but I’ve stopped using them now that I’ve gotten out of the “new player grind”.

I’ve posted about how to adjust to this gaming style. Early on, gold is really hard to come by. Once you get a few characters to level 10, and learn to be patient you’ll find the fun in the game. Our society has been spoiled with getting everything fast fast fast. Binge watching a season on Netflix, grinding like crazy in games that let you do so, so on and so forth. I’ve spent zero in this game and I have five L10, 2 L9, 1 L7 my bard which is actually L8.5 but I’m not leveling him just yet to stay at Renown 11. My Wizard is about to go L11, I may level her but there is no point to. So I may keep grinding it out until I have a few more L11 toons. My cleric is 3k away from L11. The two L9 are close to L10.

The point is, just play the explore as far as you can go, or, dont go too far so you can repeat the level and get some XP and a bit of gold (not much really). Only play PVP when a chest expires and you need a new one. I actually only play PVP when I have 3 open slots. I usually save my 8+ hour chest for when I go to bed and use the 3h chests during the day. I’ve never paid for challenges at all, unless I have a challenge quest that rewards me heavy, like “Complete 22 rooms in Sharpstone Keep” with a reward of 600g. That one is amazing.

You just have to alter your expectations and gaming. This isn’t a Netflix series, you need to wait a week for the next episode :slight_smile: haha

Thanks guys i will do it!! Be patience is the key!!! Thanks you all

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I also thought the game was onerous for F2P, but I no longer believe that. Oh… it’s slow. Really slow. But steady.

There are a few plateaus… L4-5, L7-8 so far for me. But, patience and taking the long view work. Keeps the game going for me.

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Yeah, that’s the main problem with app games. If I didn’t want to play all day why would I play at all?

It is not suppose to be easy for free. That is not the business model for these kind of games and they would never able to produce these games if they couldn’t get people to spend real money

Not my fault they have chosen the business model they did.

Never said it was your fault. They chose their business model, now we get to decide if we want to play the games they produced using the business model. No one is forcing us to. And this is a lot better than a high percentage of theses types of games just for the fact, that even though it is grindy, you can still play it any time you want. There is no waiting 5 minutes or whatever to gain enough power to play in pvp or even to keep trying levels over and over. You can literally play nonstop should you choose