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Hardstuck at 5500 dp

I’ve been playing the game since release and it’s becoming clear to be there is no real way to progress after 5500 unless you’re incredibly lucky. My breeding gives me no duplicates, and after saving up for months for 4000 runes, the only dragons I gained from the big draft were 10 3 stars and the 1 guaranteed 4 star. It is impossible to move further in the game for me at this point. I can’t successfully do Thawfest and I can’t move further in my campaign. What can I do at this point other than bomb out on Flight Club or just quit entirely?


Hi Lissy,
I’m playing almost since release, am completely f2p and in my opinion, I haven’t been very lucky - yet my team power is 6500+.
May I ask which Alpha chest level you’re at and how far you can get in TP events? If you’re playing since the beginning you should’ve been able to max out at least your Toothless (since there were TP in exploration at some point, plus some events)?
I got most duplicates from Alpha chests, so I have good 4 stars (maxed) and am able to pair them up with well-chosen event dragons.

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You should focus on getting the event dragons. Some are very good.

If you need runes then you should check out Tapjoy.

If you are willing to subscribe to Flight Club, Skullcrusher is an excellent green dragon.

The Dreadfall Toothless event is almost over. Did you obtain that dragon?

As Bee said, if you have been playing from the beginning then you should have some fully upgraded event dragons. Is your Toothless complete?

In regards to Breeding, the odds of getting a legendary is very low. We will find out the actual Breeding odds with the next update.

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