Hardware Banning

Ok we know that some players cheat one and may not do it again, but @Ludia_Developers @J.C perhaps if you find the same players cheating and keep coming back and cheating again and again, there is the option to retrieve serial numbers and other hardware specifics of a user’s device and ban that directly, this will act in a way to rid the game of them permanently!

On PC it can be possible to spoof such info in some cases, but I think it will be more difficult to pull off under a mobile OS with more restrictions on device and OS manipulation.

Anyway just for your consideration in cases of extremely repeat offenders, as needing to buy a new device is one way to try to discourage cheaters.


I absolutely see your point, but honestly I would rather them put this effort into fixing the bugs in the game. Some features work less than 50% of the time. Friendlies not working, two-headed dinos, unreadable chat, vanishing friend list, empty map, endlessly spinning supply drops, constant disconnects, matchmaking timing out,… all these definitely affect me way more than cheaters.


Yes you do have a point, but such a system wouldnt be all that hard to do, just have a function that takes the serials from a few different pieces of the phones hardware…the more unchangeable the part the better (like CPU or motherboard) and log it, keep a server sided list of those serials and check if a cheater was caught many times using same device, and if so blacklist it.

Ofcourse do some checking so they arent actively spoofing serials but yeah, it’s really not that difficult for any with device and platform knowledge, which all the devs would have.

You of all people know how it is with Ludia making fixes that aren’t “all that hard to do” :joy: However it is sad there are many people rewarded for cheating for so long.

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Ahh true, perhaps they could make the hardware banning subscription based xD