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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Came Out Today!

At least in US and EU I think. Hoping they dont mess it up like this game

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Im grabbing it now. Never been a harry potter fan but apparently I need something to pass time. :slight_smile:

Hmm not as bad as I thought it would be. Not sure how long it will keep me occupied though.

Liking it so far, although starts out boring…level 3 now

Looks terrible to me. But I’ve only seen a single 20-minute video. Maybe it gets better at higher levels.

I thought the same thing, and never was a big fan of the kiddo movies. Im starting to get into it a little bit though. :wink:

It’s not bad so far, somethings it does better, but not everything

I found it too boring. Unlike PoGo and JWA, it didn’t hold my interest at all. Already uninstalled it.

Can i catch dragons and dementors to make fight each other like in pogo and JWA? That’s the only thing I’m interested in doing,although the game is not out on :mexico: Yet

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Lol I remember at one point Harry Potter movies stopped being kiddo stuff…

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