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Harry Potter

I would like to thank Ludia for having such a stupid tournament on the same weekend Harry Potter gets released. I know I’ll enjoy spending the weekend playing Harry Potter. Thanks for the free time.




Considering the game just imploded for a ton of users and it’s very obvious they have no idea why… we’ll have plenty of free time.

Seems like the perfect time to, uh, evolve to something new.

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Oh yes. I’m ready for something different… BIG :smiley:

Time to put away the lizards and get out the wizards.


That’s so true man, 1/4 of my alliance can’t play the game right now. Rely this game has been a complete let down.

The problem, though, is that gameplay for HP:WU looks downright awful. I was really excited to play with my kids, who are all HP-obsessed right now. But oof, it looks bad.

That Mincraft Earth, tho… now that game looks incredible.


If Harry Potter is any good I’m gonna ditch JWA. 1.8 has got to be massively epic. The matchmaking is currently unacceptable. Having lower level teams higher on the leaderboard is plain unforgivable. Paying for boosts pushing people past those who have grinded for a year is laughable. No way to change said boosts means the meta stays put. No way you give up on dinos you’re so invested in. To whomever is at the JWA ideas board “this ain’t it son.” Way to implode your game in one update. It’s a shame.


Can’t see myself playing other mobile games even PoGo was dull and git boring after a month.

I was hopeful for an epic HP mobile game but it looks terrible.

Launch to 1.5. Those are days I look back on as the funnest time I had in JWA. :slight_smile:

1.6 killed my arena experience all together with the horrible rat mechanics of letting it have so many ways to escape while ignoring balance rules and re-nuke over and over.

1.7 pretty much killed everything else that was fun, lol. The game is in such bad shape now that its depressing to even think about.

Hard to believe the game was in such better shape overall 2 patches ago. Didn’t see this coming back in 1.5. :neutral_face:

I’m hopeful that in 1.8 the developers will add balance, in addition to the much less important boring new hybrids and dinos, yawn…

As for the Harry Potter game… nope. Looks pretty bad, not only the game graphics, but the gameplay itself looks pretty bad.

If 1.8 doesnt address balance/bugs/alliances, I’m sure I can find something to hold me over till BL3 releases. :wink:


I think if harry potter is less pay to win then this people will jump the boat and play that game

You are prolly right. It cant get much worse over here. We passed Pay to Win a few patches ago. We are approaching the event horizon of Pay to Play now.


Harry Potter is just another Game from Niantic, that is made for people which live central in big citys.

And that’s why Harry Potter is not interesting for me, same as PoGo was.

JWA is much better. And only 1 or 2 bad ideas (buy boosts) made a game completely bad.

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If you are in this shore, other side is green.
If you’re in that shore, this side is green.

I’m here for the dinosaurs, no matter the gameplay. I don’t care about Pokemon, zombies, ghosts, wizards or whatever creatures they put in there from the book (liked the books/movies though).

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I will be excited how long it takes, till the first “Harry Potter is sooooo much better” Players will come back, when they realize that Harry is a combined version of PoGo and Ingress with the same less spots :smiley:

Harry Potter …I’ll pass …Jurassic World Alive 4Life


How about that. The local news just talked about the Harry Potter game release.

I’m ready for it. The boost thing here in my mind forever corrupted this game. Once you lose your “innocence” you can never gain it back.

I’m feeling the end anyway despite Harry Potter release. When you close JWA for a word games, you know your burned out and losing interest.

The forums here are quieting and unless they really do something great in 1.8, I can see it being down hill from here with this one.

Still active at the top. Hard to throw in the towel when you have 1,000 hours and $5,000 dollars invested. I would probably spend to get all Boosts too.