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Has a migration just started?


From my work I have very controlled dinos. It is all zone 4 and there is only one “car workshop” nest and two “restaurant” nests. Therefore, I have clear that dinos can leave.

A while ago, a Dimorphodon appeared at noon (and the nearest embassy is several kilometers away, although there is a consulate)

Now a tany has appeared, and there is no beauty salon, although there is a health center (massages, acupuncture, etc).

Then one of three

  1. A migration is taking place
  2. Maps have been updated and that “consulate” and “beauty center” have been added
  3. I’m going crazy and I need to rest from the game (but another day because today I must visit a thousand green towers :slight_smile:

I’m seeing parasaurolophus spawn quite near my place at night recently, I live near where draco gen 2/einio spawn, I believe these 2 are in diff zones? So I find it pretty strange.


I’ve not noticed anything. But really want a migration. Hope you people are right.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there a (very) small chance of any Dino spawning in any local? Could be that.


This. Yup. Not to mention tany is a park spawn and any green drop has a chance of spawning Park spawns.


Noticed some change to. I’m in zone 3 always was surounded with diplocaulus.
But now I see monoloposaurus, tany and dilopho. Not complaining at all.


I had a suchotator in l2. Help me.


I live in zone 3 but today I got 5 deinocheirus a block away from my home . it is a zone 1 dino, so I find it weird and wonder if he got moved .


There always a thread like this popping up on here…
And thus far the answer is always the same few fluke spawns…

Spawns like everything else in this game are rng based.


Definitely number 2.

The map was updated yesterday for me. Some supply drops were moved around.
When this happens nests beside those drops get active, whereas former nests may go dormant if they lost their supply drops nearby.

Yesterday’s map reshuffle was a loss for me, I lost two bank nests. One of them used to spawn amaiasaura and the other tenonto :frowning:


It is always a disappointment to lose proximity spawn points when drops move around. Travel the regular route, missing SD, no pop-up spawn. Go around the block, come back the other direction, hoping… Nothing. It is harder when they are reliable Rare or Epic spawn points.

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