Has any one worked out how much they have spent


On the game and thought that was never ment to happen and kicked themselves for being so stupid lol :joy:


Yeah I’ve spent about £2 I’m gutted at wasting so much money :grin:


I dread to think how much the top players have spent, although if they have the money to, then fair play


I just ran my bank statement with the money I have spent on this game. I have spent $901.87. Considering I am not even close to Top 500, I cannot imagine how much those dorks have spent. I think I am done buying stuff for a while. No point.


@DarthOnaga i haven’t spent a dime on this game and I’m in and out of top 500 on a daily basis. I have played since day 1 though as well


Let me think… 0.00$


I have spent less than $50 including buying one time offers/tap-joy offers like razors (having some returns) and was in Top 100 for 1st tournament. VIP subscription separate since a couple of months.
Stopped buying completely since first tournament and relying completely on daily coins through supply drops/strike events and still doing good (Top 150).

I guess it depends on how much efforts you put in farming, managing what to upgrade and luck.


How?? What does your team look like??


This is my team. It’s really nothing special. But I beat a lot of higher lvl dinos simply because people make dumb mistakes or don’t know how to use the dinos they have


Wow that’s alot I’ve spent about £100 which is more than I wanted to , but like you I’m stopping now.


I did my standard. I try a game and if I enjoy it I will purchase the large package of in-game currency. I consider it a ‘donation’ to the developers and it gives me flexibility in the game to make a few purchases to get more enjoyment out of it. The large package is usually the best value for the actual money spent. Rather than spend $10 here and $20 there I bite the bullet and buy it all at once. I found I actually spend less and get more value this way.

Most games give you the opportunity to add additional in-game currency from playing regularly and keep the balance up. If I continue to play, and enjoy it, I may make an additional purchase of the best value for in-game currency. I have not had to do that yet with JWA. I seem to get enough in-game currency from playing to keep a positive balance.

This is partly because I am not trying to be overly competitive, just enjoy it. But mostly due to not getting enough of one side of the DNA required to fuse hybrids. If I was able to gather DNA required to create different Dino’s I might be spending more. The lack of the required Dino’s in the wild or incubators is actually preventing me from spending, go figure. If Ludia made some of the desirable Epics spawn more (or in incubators), I would have spent more to create their hybrids. I could conceivable see myself having spent a few hundred dollars to create a much better team.


On jwa or on gas? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Im no dork :frowning: and ive spent far less. About 300.

You should spend less, and hunt more.


Well done! Here is my team:

Rough facing stuff like this:


I’m loving that I’ve spent much less than you guys and I’m not that far behind but I think it mite be time to bite the bullet and splurge on coin to try and catch up a bit


I’ve spent the amount of less than 8 console games (vip + level up offer) since the beta.
But since I’m playing way more this game than any other it’s fine. I’d rather have a game I enjoy playing everyday than a game that after 6-7 sessions I won’t touch anymore…
And despite not spending much I do fairly well I believe :slightly_smiling_face:

The time spent to play is really an important factor, to get the same amount of DNA I collect by playing with buying I would need to put thousands in the game. (plus the fact I would get less desired DNA)


Honestly, incubators aside, I think the majority of the expense comes from all the gas the game requires you to burn. I really wish they’d just give a joystick option sometimes.


I’ve paid VIP for 3 months and 3 one time offers. Total 30+2+10+20. So 62$. Im in top 500. The last 20$ buy was the only one I regretted. Unnecessary.


I spent around 20 euro for now. Think I will probably make another purchase or two, to arrive at 50 euro, the amount of a consolle video game. :+1:


Nothing, and don’t plan on spending any. I like to earn my standings.