Has any1 seen the blue strike event?

We are supposed to have a rare battle today but i cant see one


Negative Ghostrider, have yet to spot one

Don’t see one near me but a lot of the other strike though …

I spotted many around me and already did it. Was one battle against Monolopho, Procerato and Koola.
Easier than the epic strike but I don‘t remember their levels anymore.
Did it with lvl 16 Utasinoraptor and lvl 18 Stegodeus.

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Yep, did it s well. It’s just a one-to-win match. And pretty easy.

I had to hunt ages for it. I had a clump of common ones, and no rare ones on my map. It was the same with one of the epic strike towers, too. They really need to distribute the strike events more consistently.

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i didn’t see the blue strike tower at first but they seems to suddenly appear after I finished the white one. May be it just me …

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I’ve done the blue one today … it’s just a single match against level 19+/- cunning dinos:
Monoloph, procera and diplocaulus

Opened up a chest and then a blue strike evemt popped up on its place

The problem is not the difficulty but their appearances…

Edit: blue strike tower you say ?

Yeah I‘m able to read and understand the question. That‘s why I answered it in my first sentence that I did see many towers around me.
And I thought it couldn’t be bad to describe what I battled there for those who might’ve been wondering. :wink:

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Sorry , a bit frustrated how the strike tower are poorly distributed :pensive:

It‘s alright. :slight_smile:

Finally found one in my way back home. But there are pretty rare around my place :sweat: