Has anyone boosted Pterovexus?

I want to add a fast bleeder to my team, but I haven’t seen anyone use the bird at all. I’m just curious because I may add it, Grypo, and Gemini to my team in the near future.

His unique realative has been boosted a ton Screenshot_20190611-171716 , so I say go for it


What do you swap in to?

No, because Swap-in evasion is useless.

It only needed lethal swoop on top of the SIA wound and it would have been viable.

But nah, can’t have that.

I love it


That looks awesome! Does it work cohesively with the rest of your team?

I wouldn’t say its useless, I had one swap in on me and dodged everything, swapped out after killing a Dino, swapped back in and dodged everything again.

Very annoying to take down Wirth RNG on its side!

It was the one and ONLY on that I ever faced, very happy I don’t see it often!
With enough boosts it could be a total beast!

If I had it unlocked id be using it!

Yes it works for me … just what Stiffeno said … swap in and out. Dogded 6/6 the day before yesterday… RNG was on my side. Sometimes im not so lucky, but you see people think and change their strategy when the see “Vexus”

Maybe they can be friends?
Cesar would love one

Ofc they can be friends. Except in the arena… she has no mercy :smile:

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Yay. He is so happy