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Has anyone bought themselves a Thor?

Please let there be at least one person who can come here and say they have taken advantage of today’s offer to buy a Thor.

In the UK a the cost is £99.99, pretty much £100.
Yes you read that right one hundred pounds… what a bargain!

So… who bought one and are you pleased with your purchase?


kinda sad it looks like i can only buy 1!!

So after Two Buffs in Resistances .One Change Buff in abilities<<Rampage>>
Lots of frustration in Low-Mid-Upper Aviary by the terrorizing Thors.(Shores Matchmaking Domino)
Then a sale comes in a shape that even a low level player can have a Unique.
So lots of angry players will be succumbed and open their wallet.

I am stunned!!!
Smart Business Plan WELL DONE company


Well there goes all balance in arenas 1-10 lol


have you read my once upon a time story about Little Johnny ? lol

Surely they aren’t selling many of these?

They put it up then @Schtemty at around 3pm gmt (uk) it was 96.99 , wow inflation is terrible nowadays…lol

This is the worst deal ever. Even if you buy it you still have to level it up. Not to mention yoy can dart thor tomorrow of your that desperate

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Instant charge :moneybag: got a new meaning


It’s an Apple thing I believe

On android it is indeed available at the knockdown, bargain basement price of only £96.99 :rofl:

I’m on Samsung and I got it

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You bought one @The_blaze ?

The Jurassic world alive community: YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME

No I didn’t get one. I have the offer

Yep that explains the difference, one of us had seen it & commented on the price & there on android, but I’m on iOS & would pay the higher price then , hah cheeky blinders…lol

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Yep im not going to buy that

I Legit Laughed Myself so Flipping Hard at that incubator That not even 1 Person is gonna dare to buy that incubator

Make Thor immune to distraction and i buy one…just kidding. I have it in my arena team in lvl 30 and boostet…its ok but not my favorite at all…distract it and its useless

This is actually a lot better than the other 100 dollar offers Ludia just wants the player base to be happy so they gave you a good deal on your favorite dinosaur since you talk about more than any other they even have darting for an instant level up

I would not like to bet on that tbh, lol, there are some hmm how should I say it , players out there that would :sunglasses: …but not me …