Has anyone bought this!

Do you know what’s inside? Is this good value?image

Well I‘ll buy it today when I got some iTunes cards and am really curious what‘s inside.
Mainly, I‘m interested in the dollars plus the coins.

I bought one. £9.49 would normally get you just the 1200 bucks (which I was contemplating as I wanted to buy Halloween scents); so for 50p you are getting a decent amount of coin and scary creature DNA. Can’t remember exactly what I got but the 2000+ Velo was definitely appreciated.

I thought the first one was worth it so bought the two remaining. Received more than enough t rex to unlock indo raptor, finally…

It is actually pretty nice because you also get 50k coins as well.

I decided to buy… image image image image


I bought all 3 on offer. Got a decent amount of Tany and Velo DNA. More importantly, the coins and hard cash are more than enough to cover the cost. The DNA are effectively free


I purchased all three also. If you plan of spending money for coins/bucks it is a better ‘value’ than purchasing bucks in bulk to purchase coins with. For $9.99 USD I received $14.50 USD worth of in-game coins. The DNA was just a bonus, regardless of what it was but mine was useful as well.

the incubator and coins are essentially “free” since it’s the same price as the cash alone.

i got all 3 and it’s just various quantities of: allosaurus, gorgosaurus, gorgosuchus, suchotator, tany, v-raptor, spinosaurus

no trex :sob: but no trex from halloween scents eithers :unamused:

I’ve had a T-Rex from a Halloween scent

Yes, bought all 3! Definitely worth it.

Me too but only once

Is yours really £9.49? Mine has always been £9.99.


Looks like VIP get a discount - hadn’t noticed - a whole 50p wow


i wonder why they are different prices? like that 15k cash would be $127 in the US. our 7k cash is $49.99 too

500 £4.79, 1200 £9.49 2600 £18.99 7000 £47.99 15000 £95.99

Just posted my range of prices but the filter hid it - its a bit trigger happy this weekend!

Can’t be a vip discount, I’m a vip :rofl:

Ok - that is plain weird - perhaps you get a Scottish surcharge … :rofl: