Has anyone darted Nasuto or the new rares?

Nasuto seems still event exclusive. Haven’t seen any new rares, so wonder if they are also event exclusives.


its broken haast has taken its place

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Hi Banarel. The team is currently investigating Nasutoceratops spawning issues. Thank you for your patience!


-Mod Edit-
Bug about Nasutoceratops is not off the Exclusive Creatures List


It will be fixed tomorrow when no longer available for the week …sigh


Haast Eagle G² is Wednesday only.


I haven’t seen any of them yet

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It would be nice if they could just add nasuto the the wild, kinda wanted to find some today

The update isn’t out yet

The new rares are exclusive. The newest datamine says they will b on the map in afew wks.

Yeah they are but nasuto should not be

Don’t worry though we have the 2 most useless rare Dino’s spawning

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So we get a new apex that can be fused, but it actually can’t be because it’s components are unobtainable.

What I’m most surprised about is that we can’t even buy incubators with the two new rares in the store.


Ludia has assured me/us they are fixing the Nasuto spawn issues. As for the other new exclusives, whenever a new exclusive is introduced, it typically coincides with an announcement from Ludia. In the past, exclusive rares are typically released for one week in the wild to dart, and on the weekend there are incubators to unlock them. This is how Alberto and Argentavis were handled, and I would expect the same with the new exclusives from 2.12. I would keep an eye out for Ludia’s announcement on when they will be releasing them for a weekly. That’s the best time to collect a ton of dna. I plan on spending most of my game time darting these new creatures the week they are released, doing little else. After that it’s extremely difficult to get the exclusive dna you need unless you have the bank account to purchase incubators (I do not).


Idk how to feel spending the entire christmas week waiting for arctodus to spawn while everyone else is busy on christmas related stuff. Works for those who dont celebrate I guess lol

This is not even from the game. This is jwa field guide which has not been updated yet

I saw a whuerosaurus (Misspelled) but I did not dart it.

I’m kind of in limbo at the moment. I was hoping for the new rares to pop out somewhere and get thrown in a sanctuary to get started toward the new apex.

I’ve not much to do so I hardly turn on the game after I do the daily apex raid. I hope they let the new creatures out soon.

Dilopho is in Area 1.

Have seen dilo in the wild but not nasuto yet. Done my 18 attempts on carno, even if nasuto stays exclusive in the end. I don’t mind using my FITs on an exclusive rare while it kills me to use my FITs on carno at the moment.