Has anyone dropped down to arena 1?


Anyone dropped from arena 6 or 7 down to arena 1 in order to get the likes of trex in incubators? Is it worth doing ?


Yes, I have. And in my experience, no, it really isn’t worth it. Not that I’m getting any T-Rex DNA back in Arena 6 again, but outside of the novelty of fighting non-standard teams and being able to experiment with the rest of the dinosaurs I’ve collected, it did not accomplish the goal I was looking forward to.


I wanted to do it to get more t rex DNA to make indominous… so your saying it’s pointless ?


Indominious is not all that… He is A 50% hit or a miss…


That’s exactly why I went to do it, and the paltry amount of DNA made it not worth going. I was hoping for a rare or epic incubator for a massive dump of T-Rex DNA, but it turns out whenever you get one of those extra-special incubators the DNA is entirely random, and not even from the arenas.

I’ve collected FAR more DNA from the random T-Rex popping up in the wild than I ever have in the arena, and events like the last one helped get me my Indominus.

On that note, Moeen is correct: while it’s nice to have for collections’ sake, the Indominus is entirely a dice roll. Sometimes it dominates a fight 3-0; sometimes it loses horribly without even making a dent, and sometimes it’s no better than any other dinosaur that can take out one before it gets taken out and so it entirely replaceable. It depends on how much you like to gamble, I suppose, but so far it’s my least consistent dinosaur on the roster.


You need it for indoraptor tho, can’t ignore that fact.

I’ll stay in arena 7 then


I did once, 3500 -> about 300, i just lose fights 7hours in a row :smiley:


Ive done it, thinking I would get DNA from incubators for some of my Dino’s, but there is no rhyme or reason to the incubators. Just keep plugging away at the level you are at.


It’s worth it for me. I’m not seeing the trex anywhere when I hunt anymore. She just doesn’t seem to spawn for me lately. Now I get a little every day and can get a fuse in once in a while.


How much DNA do you get for T-Rex now for 3h/8h incubators after dropping arena levels?

I remember on very lower levels, one would get only 3 DNA (for Level 3). So I am assuming that the amount of DNA is not related to the Arena but to your level?


I dropped down to arena 1 and got a couple of incubators with t-rex DNA but only maybe 5 or 6 DNA each - not enough to be worth it. Back up in arena 6 now and I got a 24hr incubator with 10 i-rex DNA as a pleasant surprise


I’m not going to arena 1, but yes, I drop myself to arena 3 to get more Stiggy DNA, I don’t have got any DNA to Stiggy after that special event.


Hi all… Even if u drop down to arena 1… These 8 hour incubators are like 1 after 4 or 5 and max epic dna is like 13 anyway… So find a t rex… And even if u are not that good u should be able to dart ar least 50 to 60. The rest is up to u and what u think is worth doing :+1:


I agree and Indom will never beat an Ankylosaurus with instant invincibility


While I’m not quite doing it for the Rex, I am dropping from the Badlands to as far down as I can go. The bad part: the Bots start leveling down with you.


It is frustrating. However, the Ludia bots can be beaten… What can’t sadly is a indoraptor… Well i have only managed to kill 2 so far… :smile:


think about all the incubators and DNA you would have gotten winning all those battles instead of losing god knows how many going from arena 7 to arena 1. no way it’s worth it.


Oh I know they can. But this isn’t so much about them as it is just simply not being strong enough. Need to power up my team.


Omg… I know you from YouTube?? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah it’s true, but that can all be regained. It’s worth it when you don’t have enough to go on, and this will allow me to build up on gold and dna in the meantime. Rank doesn’t matter to me, I’m not really losing anything that I would in other games, so it’ll be worth it in the long run.