Has anyone else been getting obnoxiously boosted thors lately since this patch dropped?

I was going for my daily incubator, when i suddenly get mashed by super-boosted thor about 3-4 games in a row. Is anyone else noticing the increase of super boosted thors or is it just bad luck with matchmaking?


Nothing new to me.

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i still meet them in every game since 1.7 release so…nothing new to me i guess


T-H-O-R? :thinking:
Never heard of it. Doesn’t sound very good

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i have this problem but with the Rat primarily, will play 8 games and fight some over boosted level 25+ Rat literally every match 8 of them back to back, the MM seems to troll people, i have to check to make sure i’m not fighting the same person over and over.

This normally hasnt been much of an issue for me since i have Utahrinex, Magna, Sinotasuchus, and Erlidom on me to help circumvent it. Might have to put the new Diploventaor on my roster to help combat the thor uprising thats continuing

I think the issue is the matchmaking system. It is giving me battles with 27 to 29 at trophy level 4000 - 4200. Anyone else notice this?

Here’s my unboosted team and Thor snd dracoceratops are always a problem for me. Thor goes first. I use magna. They swap dracoceratops on second move. Never fails.

Just battled this.

143 in speed!

That about sums up what ive been seeing

Yep , same here .
But it’s not a problem as Ludia saw fit to give it an attack boost with this update !
They say the crit reduction will make Boosted Thor’s less likely to wipe out whole teams . I disagree and have had it twice in six games where an crazy boosted Thor has wiped out my whole team since 1.8 . I think it’s time to lose Erlidom and Magna now , they seem useless now .


Quite the contrary for me. I haven’t been seeing many at all, and what I do see, I’ve been beating!

Oh good, so it’s not just me.

Before the patch, I saw a good amount of boosted Thors. But after? It’s like a bunch of players thought “no good new dinos, time to power up Thor” and just went all out. I’ve gone down about 300 trophies so far (I almost exclusively used dodge for Thors, but not even that can stop him now, especially with his instant charge).

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What do you expect Thor can hardly kill the rat right now. It needs boosts to take on a boosted rat. This is where boosts have to go.

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It may also be that this last round of boosts that were able to be purchased pushed high boosted dinos to the next boost level

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Yep players have probably just got done saving up for their next tier, so coincidence that it happens on patch day.