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Has anyone else even gotten a single green drop

It’s seriously ridiculous like not a single one like come on

Ludia this has gone just out of control

Here are two solutions that might help

  • battles strike become a supply drop spawn after completion
  • Increase the spawn of green supply drops

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Very sparse where I am…

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I only have one in the distance. Loads of strike towers though.

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same here. maybe 3 that i can see.
Can confirm tho that there are a load of them in parks.

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But not all parks. The park I live next to has none, and I’d say it’s medium sized. Perhaps only the larger ones have them.

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Plenty of them in my area.

Makes sense. The one i saw screen shots of is a massive forest/ walking trail.

I walked for a half hour and found zero. The park in my town isn’t a park in the game. So with loads of them in parks i’m nothing.

This is all I have in within 10 miles.

This is just stupid.

And imagine this is when the rares and commons are out imagine Saturday and Sunday

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Lucky have ya gotten any deer

Nah, all they’ve spawned are kelenken and entelodon.

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Lol welp that sucks

It’s getting worse week by week. I drove for miles just to find one deer. All the rest were Entelodon or Kelenken.

I’ve seen just two today despite managing a short walkabout between visiting the girlfriend, Christmas Dinner and going to her family for the afternoon/evening. It seems they are very light on the ground today.

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Lol ya now I’m more worried about this weekend and next week due to all the strikes

I’m three away from going 24/24 on the deer. I’ll get those a little later when we drive home.

I have see NONE
Absolutly unacceptable
The game now favoritize those which live in cities with park…

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I saw a whopping 4 green drops in a 90 min drive…

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I m honestly dumb founded on how hard it is to find RARE EVENT CREATURES!

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