Has anyone else had tapjoy issues lately?

Every time i completed something it does not give me reward. I had to email them to give me 4K worth of stuff. Getting quite annoying when there is time limited stuff in the shop. Right now i am waiting for about 400 cash + 56 from survey if it even gives me it.

Tapjoy was always like this. Most tasks with larger payouts will take at least 3 days. I always sent in a support ticket upon completion anyway. I’ve never had a problem collecting from them, but it wasn’t always an immediate payout. Be patient , you will be compensated.

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They scam me quite a bit. They owe me more than 20k cash and i get more than annoyed with their pathetic replies. They’ve told me stuff like the app is no longer installed on my phone or that it was previously installed, even though I’ve never played the games before trying the offers. They shouldn’t be allowed to pull scams like that. A 3rd party should handle all of the claims because tapjoy will rip you off as much as possible.


They have been good the past two times for me.

I’ve earned thousands from doing tapjoy offers but nothing will make me ignore the 20k they owe me. I waited almost a year for that Final Fantasy offer to appear on my list because everyone always talks about how much it pays out. Well, i finally got it and completed it and they ripped me off for that 7k too. Its just unacceptable. I’ve been tempted to take legal action against them since JWA cash has a dollar amount attached to it but decided not to because i probably won’t be playing long enough to use the cash i already have. Its literally theft. They offer something and then don’t hold up their end of the deal after the task is completed.

Did you complete the FF one within 14 days? A lot of the higher paying ones have time limits, and that one only gives you a couple weeks. That’s how they get you.

Yes, I always keep an eye on the time limit. The FF offer was actually completed the same day I started it because somehow my account had 50mil gold even though I had just started a brand new account. I blasted right through it. I don’t know if it was a glitch or what, but I’m still owed that 7k because a glitch is not my fault. I just signed up and did what I was supposed to do.