Has anyone else noticed even more arena disparity?


In the face of the void left by the bans I expected some Wild West stuff in the arenas. But out of my last 12 opponents I have only gone up with 3 that are within 350 trophies. One was 500 higher! As you can expect I’ve either whipped or been whipped with no question. Even the RNG skills haven’t had much effect in turning the battles.

Weird streak or is this being experienced by others?


Every battle I have with monomimus, indoraptor or dilouranosaurus I tend to lose.


Im not going to fight in the arena anymore. Its totally unfair. Just building my dinos up and taking out the strike towers.


Yeah I have noticed this too used to be fighting uphill with enemies 300 trophies or higher now more like 500 plus! Its like trying to fight climbing a cliff face lol


Im with ya no arena with spoofers pushing people around again. Was hard enough to fight our way up.


As I posted in the other thread, Ludia clearly has no idea of the extent of the problems with the game and for it to quickly cleanse the top of the arena, is not the solution but an illusion to just get on with things and continue to bleed as much money out of everyone…