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Has anyone else noticed

… that some dinos are much more or much less successful against cloak and evasive stance than 50% RNG should allow?


Evasive stance usually fails:
Pyrritator --> Indoraptor
Utarinex --> Monomimus
Indominus --> Indoraptor

Cloak or evasive usually holds:
Diloracheirus --> Indominus
Utarinex --> Indominus
Spinotasuchus --> Indominus, Monomimus

Has anyone else noticed such patterns?

Maybe it’s just me? :thinking:

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I haven’t noticed those patterns, but have noticed if it’s indor vs indor or indom vs indom that if they evade or cloak and it works then mine never do with the following strike from them. That seems to work in my favor too depending on who’s faster. If they hide first I usually try to wait a turn or swap to something that can take their next hit because I know if I hide it will fail. I hope that made sense :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s kind of a pattern as well. Interesting.

Hubby follows the theory too and when he doesn’t says he wished he did lol

I just did a battle and sure enough…

Pyrritator finished off Indoraptor (using evasive)
Indominus defeated rinex

However, earlier the green chicken took down my cloaked I Rex. Still, 2 out if 3…

But if course we sometimes see what we wanna see. So I’m curious what others have noticed.

My utahsino seems to hit through cloak better then anyone else on my team… and if he hits tjrough tje first turn… second turn is almost guranteed.


I have opposite experience with Spinotasuchus and Indo vs Indominus.

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I’m usually lucky with Pyrritator… I don’t think my Cloak has ever failed twice against one.

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That pattern with Indom I noticed too. Thought it was my imagination.

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I always wonder how the computer generated randomness works since computers can’t do or create anything randomly. It’s either a pseudo random process that is a random generated number algorithm or it is based on the 10th or 100th of a second time the attack is selected or time the computer makes the move.

So if the move happens between 0.0 and 0.4 of the second, the cloak works and if the move happens between 0.5 and 0.9 of the second, the cloak fails. This same method could work for dodges, critical hits, stuns and fuses. If this be the case and your on the receiving end of a cloak, or dodge, you could time hitting your attack button at just the right time during a second and hit through the dodge and cloak every time. If this is done the pseudo way, it’s predetermined by what ever the next calculated number from the algorithm.

As far as what dino spawns under and around a drop or from scents, it would have to be the pseudo RNG way since these are specifically timed every hour or every 2 minutes for scents.

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