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Has anyone else seen a decrease in rats lately?

Havent been ratted in a very long time, so im wondering if im getting lucky or people are beginning to drop it for more useful stuff

I got to library and I was ratted back lo aviary, so nop, no decrease :cry:


They still there on aviary followed for thor and the new proceRATomeme, utasino is comig back again

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i noticed a decrease since 1.8.
right after 1.8 i dropped purposely to arena 1 (60 trophs) and did some tests in my way back to aviary.

i noticed way less dracoceratops from mid arenas where i was facing a lot when 1.7.

nowadays i see many more teams without draco. and i expect to see even more decrease with these new dinos and abilities.

but thanks to boosts (again), every change in team is a slow process. we can’t just unlock a new great creature and replace a boosted one. and boosts applied into wrong dino is all lost.

so, changes in teams is going to need some time.

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Ran into draco every match today… while mine is on the low end of my team level it has a decent chunk of boosts that for the time being im not willing to play without.

The erlidom and utahsino buffs make them a bit easier to deal with now though

Pretty much every match I did in the Aviary had a rat in it. Also noticed an increase of Procerathomimus, but that’s not surprising.

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I am in low Aviary (around 4500 trophies), and I didn’t really noticed any change about Dracoceratops… This said, that creature never really bothered me, so maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention… But I’ve noticed a very sharp decrease of the number of overboosted Thoradolosaurs I have to fight against, and I must say I really appreciate it!

I’ve noticed less DCs lately, even before the patch. I personally dropped it about a month and a half ago when I unlocked Vexus. I get to be annoying in a different way, particularly to DCs. No regrets.

I’ve noticed fewer rats too. Good to know it’s not just me! :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed no difference yet in the 4700-5000 range. Pretty much every match I play I face DC and the other 3 or 4 usual suspects. If I face something else I am quite elated to finally face someone who thinks creatively.

I’m not fighting as many. I’m in the 4700-5000 range as well. I have noticed an increased number of erlidoms since the buff.

Nope see quite a few rats still

The upper Aviary is infested with them.

This is why I have 8 unique’s and haven’t yet used them in PvP. I’m staying in Badlands for now with lesser non boosted creatures.

On day one of 1.9, I brought 5 of the new creatures to team level 15 and 16. It had to have been a breath of fresh air for the lower players to see and battle some new creatures except for the ones who lost to them.

On very rare occasions someone will have and pull a rat.

I’m in Gyrosphere (5500+) and there’s an infestation there…lvl30, 5200+ health, 4200+ damage, etc. Haven’t really seen any decrease yet…just the same BS swap-in, regen, swap-out, repeat.

What I did encounter today was a swap-in monostego…was surprised by that and a bit hard to take down. I think death of monostego is very premature…likely will see more monostego swap-ins soon…

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Very badly, every single match and always near lvl 30 or lvl 30 t7 boosts. Ludia decided not to nerf I decided not to play arena like that anymore. I tested the waters enough it’s the same boosted rat 5 levels higher than the rest of the teams.

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Haha, whoever said Monostegotops got nerfed hasn’t enountered mine yet :slight_smile: