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Has Anyone experienced this bugs? Cannot press BATTLE and MY TEAM for PVP disappear?

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Bug Description: can not battle in Arena : BATTLE button cannot click. TOURNAMENTS button disappear! (I’m afraid that I cannot get into Tourney as well)
MY TEAM for PVP disappear too. Become 8 blank slots. Cannot click, cannot select and cannot modify.

Area is was found in: BATTLE tab and COLLECTION tab

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- last night I click BATTLE , game start finding opponent Then it stuck for a long time and cannot click CANCEL
Step 2 - Force close game and re-launch. After finish loading , I get into battle and can finish battle smoothly.

After finish that match and return to BATTLE tab screen. I notice that something weird.
Leaderboard button-disappear, TOURNAMENTS button-disappear
I try to click BATTLE button - no response.

in COLLECTION tab “MY TEAM” for PVP disappear too, 8 blank slots cannot click and cannot modify.

How often does it happen: first time since last night til now.
Delete and re-install game many time. Cannot fix the problems.

What type of device : iPhone 8plus

I send email to support already but no reply yet.
Just wonder that can they fix it for me before weekend Tourney over ?

Hey MrBee, that is definitely really strange. Hopefully, our team will be able to fix this for you right away. :sweat:

Hope they can fix it before end of Tournament. ‘Coz now TOURNAMENTS button still disappear.

I can’t battle in the arena currently :sob: only tourney