Has anyone find good use for Spinotasuchus yet?


I was really hyped for the DoT change. But after I tried my lv20 one out in a few battles, it’s just meh.
For tanks having SS, it’s still pretty useless as before. Swoop never worked because opponent predicted your move and switched to an immnue dino.


Unfortunately I think it still needs work to be of any use. There are just too many superiority strike and immunity Dino’s for it to work. They’d need to change the way one or both of those work for him to be of use. Sucks because he is one cool looking guy.


Maybe change swoop to swap-in wound? At least the move is not too predictable.


Suchomimus was much better of a wounder before its SIA effect got nerfed to half


Good for retirement


fits comfortably on my bench since making it and using it in one battle a while back.


Wow… That is really disheartening to hear. Was looking forward to putting this guy on my team.


He needs a little more work. I use him (21) and hes not a rockstar, but hes alright. He needs a way to do more dmg to immunes. He cant 2 shot a lower level (20) irex, for example, even if he crits twice.

Hes decent vs monostego, stegocera, and even indorapter.


5 more battles for Spinotasuchus. It’s still crap, so sad I looked forward to the DoT change so much. I’ve taken it out of my team.


Spinotasucus is a great dino for me thanks to its 129 speed and 20% crit chance. It depends on how and when to use it.