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Has anyone found any epics since 1.7?


NOT counting the daily spawn dinos I have found 2.

Anyone else think the new spawn mechanics are pretty bad? I only really see event dinos and daily dinos, and very little else.

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Actually Ive seen more epics, maybe its just me. So far they havent really fully played out though the event dinos all at once with different attempts has thrown me for a loop


One rex yesterday. Only other epics I’ve seen in the past two days have been from a scent (two kentro, two bary).


5 rexes, 3 barys, and 1 brachy not counting scents

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I have seem many more Epic since the release. No comparison.


I see 3-4 epics daily been wondering myself if it’s intentional on ludias part for this whole mess of a update.


Just found 2 SpinoG2 about 100 yards apart. That’s something I guess… Still, wish I were having the luck others seem to be.


2 rex and pyro


Found 2 spino g2, pyro, raja, and a bary. Honestly I don’t think there’s an increase… it seems roughly around the same for me. Either you get the lucky moment or not. There should be an increase imo though. Just to get things a little more interesting.


Serious increase, seen at least 5/day up from 2-3


I haven’t noticed an increase or decrease in Epic spawns, seems the same to me.

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Yes, I’ve seen epics daily. Nothing Broken here


This is about the truth… every patch we get some people who say spawns are worse others that say their better. But 1.5 aside they tend to be about the same… ive seen rex and pyro.

Now an intresting note… its a little to early to tell but erliko seems to have directly taken sinos spot on the l1 spawn table… with kentro being rarer… so if you knew of a good spot for sino check on it may now be a good erli spot.

Now i dont know if any of you followed my other thread but just a heads up dont waste epic scents on sunday or monday. Scents dont affect spawn daily migrations.

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I’ve never really encountered an area prone to spawning any specific Epic, but I have seen Erlik more since the update than I did when it was the day-spawn for my home L3.
Monday is the only day I get to hunt for real, my only day off, so I gotta drop my scents then. A little bummed I won’t be getting any Smilodon off them, but I have it unlocked already… so I think I can cope. Hopefully I’ll see some during my hunt.


Today. 2 t rex, 1 koola, 1 spino, 1 sino, 1 concave


I actually saw Bary a couple hours ago, so yeah?

I was gonna say Edmontoguanodon was in my line of sight a couple of hours ago too, but you said those don’t count >p>


I worded that wrong I ment to say dont use scents on those days specifically with the intention of tring to get the daily migrations.

Working and living in two different l1 ive been able to watch as different dinos seem to spawn more frequent in each one and it tends to change on patch… during 1.5 work was very good for sinos and diplo… while my home l1 concavenator and meg were the order. After 1.6 i saw a dramatic increase in sino and diplo at home while a decrease in both at work. This happened because rex spawned more often in 1.6 and work is a restaurant. Kentro has been much rarer then any spawn in both.

Its to early for me to make any real notes other then erli seems to be spawning at the frequency of sino now… making him a bit more common of a spawn.


I’ve ran into; 1 Rex, 1 Mono & 1 Sino so far.


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I’ve seen several lately. Yesterday I went on a long walk to get a Pyro, Spino G2, Sino and Erlik that spawned in/near my neighborhood. Today I found two Spino G2s and a Bary during the day, and just an hour ago I found about five more Spinos.

I’d say it seems about right. I’ve seen more than that on lucky days, sometimes none at all- it’s really just a matter of luck.