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Has anyone found the event tower yet?

Well it’s almost reset time and yet to see one. Did anyone find it?

Which tower? The 10 step epic one? That’s the only epic one so far until the next hour passes.

It’s not there…

Well, the scent one is out but no epic one so far.

Well they shouldn’t be there until another 40 minutes. As we are between the hour of end and start.

I swear the map changes an hour early today. Blood scent just spawned for me where an empty drop was earlier.

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Yes the scent one is an hour early. They can’t get anything right this week. I’m not concerned about the epic tower until the official time has passed in 40 minutes. Then we’ll know if they’ve broken it again.

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The timings didn’t change - the clocks did.

You clearly don’t understand the issue here.

Yes the clocks changed and the epic tower is out now, which is the correct time, however, the scent tower which is due today was out an hour ago instead of just now.

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I have one up the road.

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All I could find was the Stat boost strike, the Scent Strike is impossible to find.

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Same here, no scent strike in sight. as well as event drops. they all haven been moved into the woods. Most of theme even not along existing paths but right in the middle of the surrounding forrests.

Same here @Ludia_Developers haven’t any green stops and definitely no scent strike.

I see a scent strike too and then the white 3 step one.