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Has anyone had issues with the scrolling in Alliances

I am unable to scroll. My screen hops to top or bottom. I then have to exit alliances and then re-enter. Again scrolling leaps to top or bottom. I cannot read messages or contribute to middle DNA requests.


This happens to me as well. Usually have to reset the app to get it to work properly

I usually have to hard close the app and restart to fix this. It’s been driving me crazy. I donated the wrong DNA once because of it. :expressionless:


Yeahh I’ve been having problems with the alliance chat since before the update. I noticed that little glitch with the scrolling too. It’s not as annoying to me as the messages not working though :joy:

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yes. have same prob

Same here… Really bad…

Yup here too, alliance chat has had mountains of problems since it was first introduced, and more added to it since 1.6.

We moved our chat to Discord and only use alliance chat for donations now because Ludia can’t be bothered to fix it.




Same here :confused:

I usually throw the phone, take my meds, a cold shower, watch Donahue, wonder where my teeth are, and forget about scrolling in guild.


What’s funny about this is that even saying the word Discord in Message chat is forbidden by Ludia. It’s ridiculous. They have given us no choice but to move chat somewhere else. It’s completely unprofessional that they haven’t fixed the many glaring bugs that have been present since the beginning or multiple updates now. They are making tens of millions in one quarter and they can’t be bothered to fix the bugs?!

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Yup, they haven’t even said anything about fixing it either. Oh, wait, when does Ludia ever communicate with us? Also, they quick patched getting 888 coins in chests at greater distance to 222 within 24 hours. So glad they are prioritizing their resources to fix the important things…


Here too… Same old Ludia, instead of correcting bugs, they introduce us to new ones.

Yup. Also having an issue currently showing our incubator ranks reset to zero even though we are at rank 4 and sitting at zero time remaining. Very annoying. Can’t really help the team if I can’t see what we need to do

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No problems with the chat scrolling, it does it all on it’s own. No need for me to do it.

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It gets fixed for a short period, like all the other bugs in the fustercluck feature that is the alliance, by restarting the client.

Same thing happens to me

Yeah more and more lately

Yup, it’s not scrolling. But jumping up & down :sweat:

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Yeah, it annoys me too. But I doubt that Ludia cares so get used to it