Has anyone heard from Ludia support in past week?


I bought a Showcase Incubator last Monday and received the previous week’s incubator. I opened a ticket last Monday. I have still not heard from support on this issue. Has anyone else had any experiences with support?


I posten the same question 3days ago, nobody answered, NOBODY!! For me it looks like anybody ever got any answer/help from support.


I have never tried to contact their support


I’ve not heard from them period. No humans. Same with Tapjoy.


I submitted a ticket for the same reason, and by the time the week was almost up and the likelihood of me getting refunded my cash in time to buy the correct incubator was slim, I just got a refund through iTunes. If they can’t give me what I pay for, they can’t have my money :woman_shrugging:


I submitted a ticket June 15… still no response. Support is worse than useless apparently.



I sent a mail for the same problem, even refreshed my ticket for 4 times.

But no, I’ve never got any real support staff reply. Only autoresponder mail at the first time.

So much disappointed about this. Hey…I subscribed VIP, also bought every one time offer.
I don’t mean to compare free or paid user, but is this service what we deserved?