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Has anyone managed a cloaked rampage since 2.0?

Over the last few months myself, my wife and our son have spent stacks of coin, time and effort to build up our speedster - Erlidominus.

A Dino that requires 2 epics, a common and a legendary to fuse, a Dino that we all grew to love, and one we hoped may be immune to the destruction that 2.0 brought.

Boy were we wrong!

What’s the point of a 3x damage cloaked rampage when pretty much every Dino now gets rid of cloak while causing damage?


I managed to get one off, but that was only because opponent swapped out of nowhere. Usually I’d just get Erlidom eaten by Tryko or Smaxima because of the 2 turn invincibility. Even Kapro’s now a better pick vs those 2.

I did one, my first battle of 2.0

And since then Erlidom gets easily killed by anything


Not many, but yes. In most situations I have found it to be a waste of a turn to even go into revenge cloak.

If I remember correctly, I do believe I got one off. It was against the ai in a strike tower, but I did it… :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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Plenty of them although not always needed

I’m not sure if I want Erlidom on my team now because of this. Just too much anti dodge and cloak. And him not being immune to Decel is a crime imo


Precisely this. Erlindominus is so weak now because of Tryko :frowning:

Just today I fired one against a max build Thor…

I crit.

16.800 damage.

It was very sweet, not gonna lie.


Resilient attacks and counter-attack being so prevalent have made it so that any creature whose power budget is primarily stored within dodge/cloak mechanics are countered strictly by the existence of basic-attacking your opponent to death.

Indo G2 could do it as almost the only creature that could get away with never using other abilities if it wasn’t hard-countered and now seemingly half the creature pool can do it against every creature that needs to set up.

Pulled one off in Campaign, it was the only reason I won.


It’s useful against overboosted Thors and Rats


Considering it’s the hardest indo hybrid to make it does seem a bit pants now, maybe should have kept immunity to decel or give a DSR so it could counter instant immunity


Not revenge rampage but still a cloaked one

IMHO, Erl now requires a different approach. I’ve had some success using her but she isn’t what she was, she’s now strictly a revenge killer/setup dino. I do think she should be immune to deceleration but Tryko and Maxima will probably see a slight nerf and we will see how things shake out

I’m totally struggling to find a way of keeping her in my team. Even as a revenge killer she doesn’t work well for me as when I bring her in my opponent simply swaps in a Tryko or a Dioraja and I’m never gonna take them out with Erlidom.

I can’t see how Erlidom can be useful any more.

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That is where the Revenge cloak aspect comes in, if you suspect your opponent is going to switch to Tryko you can cloak and get off that three times Rampage. Dio can shield first turn but tryko cant and dios t1 shield only halves the 3x damage.

So far everyone has either not needed one (just needed MSS to KO the dino) or I’ve had Erlidom who’s thrown up a shield and laughed at it.

I don’t use Erlidom, though.

Unfortunately, even I… mister positive, feel that dodge, evade, cloak, it’s all pointless now. Too many ways around it.


I got one or two off. Pretty difficult now though.

I have purposely not applied any boosts to my Erli. It’s 10 pts off lvl 28 and I may not bother leveling. Just seems like it no longer works in this new meta.